Sri Lankan Recipes by Curry Mad – Prawn Stir Fry


2 Medium size *Banana Chillies, long, sweet yellow, or,
2 Medium size *Green Chillies, hot
125g Noodles, fresh (From the fridge)
1 Tblsp OIl for frying
1 Medium size Onion
1 Tblsp Oyster Sauce
250g Prawns
1 Bunch Spring Onions


When cutting the chillies, slice diagonally and remove the seeds, as these are hottest parts of any chilli. Then slice the chillies into any shape or size you like. Wash your hands after handling any chillies, just to be safe!
Wash and clean the prawns and put aside.

Wash and cut the Spring onions into 2″/5cm pieces. Slice the onion into rings. When you are ready to serve and eat, add the cut Chillies and these into a pan, add a dash of Oil and allow to fry until you notice the quantity reducing.

Add the cleaned Prawns, fresh Noodles and the Oyster sauce to the pan and fry lightly, gently turning all the while to make sure that all ingredients are fried. When done, take off heat, serve and enjoy while still warm.

It is best to use the `fresh’ noodles to avoid pre-cooking which can be tricky. Follow the directions on the packet of `fresh’ noodles to prepare for use.
Other ingredients can be used as you wish such as Mushrooms and other Asian vegetables.

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