Sri Lanka welcomes over 50,000 visitors in first 9 days of April

Sri Lanka welcomes over 50,000 visitors in first 9 days of April

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In a promising start to April, Sri Lanka has welcomed over 50,000 visitors within the first nine days of the month, contributing to a cumulative figure of 686,321 tourists for the year thus far. 

During the first nine days, a total of 50,537 tourists have arrived in the country, signalling a positive trend for the tourism sector, which has gradually recovered from the multiple challenges over the past five years. 

Leading the tourist traffic are visitors from diverse regions, with Indian tourists topping the list at 9,725 arrivals. Following closely behind are travellers from the UK, numbering 5,878, and Russian tourists totalling 5,057. In addition, travellers from Germany, France, Australia, China, US, Canada and Netherlands were received. The varied mix of international visitors reflects Sri Lanka’s appeal as a sought-after destination among global travellers.

As the country aims to revitalise its tourism industry, Sri Lanka has set ambitious targets for 2024. With a goal of welcoming 2.3 million visitors, the country aims to generate an income of over $ 4 billion from tourism-related activities. 

The steady increase in tourist arrivals in the early months of 2024 bodes well for the tourism sector’s growth and signals renewed confidence among travellers. 

As Sri Lanka continues to implement measures to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors, the country remains poised to emerge as a premier destination for discerning travellers seeking enriching experiences and memorable adventures.

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