“ISLAND IN THE SUN” – By Sarah Jameel (Introduction by Des Kelly)


  “ISLAND IN THE SUN” – By Sarah Jameel (Introduction by Des Kelly) Although it has the identical title as a very popular song of old, this true story of Ceylon then/Sri Lanka now, as written by Sarah, and kindly forwarded to this writer, by the Editor of the Burgher Association of Melbourne, my good friend Neville Davidson, this would have to be one of the best, most nostalgic, endearing accounts of life, as we lived it, in My Lovely Island Home.  Excellently written, bringing  back so many precious memories, treasured moments that so many of us shared, before the reluctant exodus forced upon us by the powers that be, of a particular era, put an end to our enjoyment of the Island In The Sun, OUR Lovely Island Home aptly named Ceylon then, Sri Lanka now. Desmond Kelly. (Editor-in- Chief) eLanka. Buy the CD 3 pack shipped to your door for $35 (all three CDs)  with all of Des Kelly’s hits – Click here!     Island in the sun – By Sarah…

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