I Still Belong To You By Gehan Gunasekera


Gehan was inspired to upload this song, after reading a fabulous article by Nelun Perera on Facebook!

Gehan wonders how many of you remember this little ballad ?
This song was a family favourite and one of the first non Tony Brent/Pat Boone/Jim Reeves 45rpm records Gehan’s parents purchased from Tony’s Record Bar!!
The song Recorded for the Oriole label, by British singer Russ Hamilton (Who also sang “Rainbow” and “Wedding Ring”), and released in 1959 was a firm favourite on the Hit Parades and Request programmes, particularly on the Air Waves of Radio Ceylon (SLBC)

Hope you enjoy hearing this again and remember with love!

Vocals: Gehan Gunasekera
Musical Arrangement : JD Studio Ensemble


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