I Saw Linda by Gehan Gunasekera


Here is a little ditty that was a minor hit for Jerry Guthrie. I

Saw Linda was written by Jerry and the musical arrangement was by Glen Campbell.

Thank you to all those lovely folk who requested me to record this particular song, and I truly hope you enjoy listening to this. Jerry Guthrie recorded this song with Glen Campbell’s music (Glen Campbell ran the band). Jerry Guthrie is Jack Guthrie’s son, and nephew of Woody Guthrie.

The single dates back to August, 1963, and was actually the “B” side. The “A” side was a song titled “One has my name the other has my heart” also a lovely ballad that has been covered by several artistes.

We hardly ever hear this particular song, so I hope you’ll enjoy hearing this after such a long time, and brings back some memories for you.

Thank you for listening and as always, your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Vocals: Gehan Gunasekera

Musical Backing: Nicholas BT Studios

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