“THE BLUE, WHITE, & GOLD” – by Des Kelly

“THE BLUE, WHITE, & GOLD” – by Des Kelly

Even as I write this, we are but a few hours away from marking the most important anniversary of a 100 year celebration of the BEST COLLEGE OF OLD (in Sri Lanka)

proudly  flying THE BLUE, WHITE, & GOLD Flag that every Peterite can claim to be their own, as far as an Alma-Mater is concerned


By Des Kelly
Editor-In-Chief eLanka


Big day for the boys in blue, white and gold-By Raj Moorthy

“THE BLUE, WHITE, & GOLD” – by Des Kelly



St. Peter’s College Colombo turns 100 on Tuesday, January 18, marking an important milestone in the school’s history for the boys in blue, white and gold.

It was in 1922 that the Rector of St. Joseph’s College Colombo, Rev. Fr. Morris J. Le Goc launched its sister school – St. Peter’s College in Colombo 4 to accommodate students coming from the southern part of Colombo. Today St. Peter’s has flourished to become the largest Catholic school in the country with almost 4,500 students and a teaching staff of seven priests, 215 teachers and 100 clerical and support staff.

Celebrating 100 years is something that anyone would cherish, the Rector of St Peter’s, Rev Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo said, adding that they hope to make it a memorable year. “Centenary Day will be celebrated with a festive Mass on Tuesday with the presence of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith.”

Many other celebrations were planned to commemorate the centenary year, but with the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting the country once again, everything is on hold. Once the regulations ease, a programme of spiritual nourishment (Retreat) will be conducted for all students and teachers, noted Fr. Rodrigo.

St. Peter’s College has achieved many accolades in education and sports and over the years produced students who are stalwarts in various sectors and professions around the world. Producing a fully-rounded individual to society has always been the vision and mission of the college.

The Old Boys are very supportive of the College and have been contributing to the wellbeing of the present students. There are scholarships awarded by alumni for needy students and also to support those who qualify to enter university. In the true Peterite spirit, as the College anthem proudly proclaims “Lend a heart and lend a hand”, various sports foundations have been set up to support the respective sports enabling talented students to progress in their chosen sport.

The values on which the school was founded in 1922 have endured and the discipline that is nurtured among the students is embedded within every student that leaves St. Peter’s, past students say.

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