TRUTH: By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

God-The Almighty

In Christianity God is the unique supreme being, creator and ruler of the universe; so says the dictionary.

God we know can be felt, glimpsed in thought-but yet is the Unknowable, accept in His embodiment in Christ Jesus.

This is a whole and a holy area where angels fear to tread-and fools must not rush in!

And so would I not rush in with an opinion but only speak of my glimpse of Him and His Abode-Heaven when listening to the Song-Lost Chord—whilst in this world of feverish turmoil; so would I urge you to listen to the song sung by Nelson Eddy slowly and fervently-and thus attempt to seek and seek the Unknowable;


And also-if TRUTH is GOD and GOD is Truth, would like to share a poem composed by me in the year 2004;

TRUTH: By Oscar E V Fernando

Truth! Verity of all Verities; Illusive to the curious mind, so finely tuned
That Lost Chord in the Symphony, we search from the womb to our tomb
The Singer, Artist, Scientist, Philosopher, Meditator search with efforts futile
Sees perfection; says eureka; until, others destroy it with their own guile

We say we know the truth: do we know the heart of human kind?
Judge not said He, you will never know it hidden in the depth of human mind
Cast the first stone, the one who hath not sinned
For how would ye know that this woman sinned?

Judgment is mine said He, for only I know the truth
Why do you try to judge unless your own heart belies a truth
For I am the Way and the Truth; you leave that judgment to me
Mind your own task with diligence and do it well to satisfy both you and me.

Picasso, Da’Vinci, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Marx Lenin, Freud Junge
Mona Lisa, Last Supper, works galore, Moon, Mars, searched with fine tune Invention? Discovery? Voyage seeking that Lost Chord; Illusive Existing Truth!
Searched by restless souls, till they rest again with that Everlasting Truth

The more we know of a subject, are we not aware how little we know of it?
Can the creature in his puny mind, analyze the Mind of Him who created it.
Why spend much time wasted, because you could not find all of it
Live Life, serving all, while on this voyage of truth, and do your own little bit.

Remember Augustine searching for truth walking the beach
Saw a child trying to empty the ocean into a hole with a shell on that beach
Thought he; I am trying to decipher Truth; that same impossible task?
Emptied restlessness, accepting Truth, continued to walk that Saintly Path.

Truth; Thou eludes us, try as we may, to grasp thee with Mind Body and Soul

Thou art within us: plays hide and seek; we glimpse, not clasp your Vision Pure
Truth Illusive! We only opine; as this is merely a view held as probable!
Live so, to grasp at voyage’s end, the splendor of that Truth Most Admirable!

Oscar E V Fernando
24th February 2004



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