“If I could only turn back the clock”. How many times have we said this, mostly while looking into a bathroom mirror ?. Time changes everything, and no amount of effort to stop becoming who we are, in the context of time, is going to soften the effect of growing old. We may, of course, grow older gracefully, depending on how we spent our younger days, the only problem here being the fact that when young, most of us think, as a popular song states, “We will never grow old, while there’s love in our hearts”. We then look at the older people around us and actually feel sorry for them. 

          This video is an extremely interesting one, and once again, as soon as I see something like this, I immediately think of all my readers everywhere, who are also members of eLanka (and, if you are not, please join us), to watch how some of the biggest “Names” out there, change, with time.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this now, because “Time waits for no man” .

Desmond Kelly

    Desmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.


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