The Tree – by Oscar E V Fernando



Oscar Fernando

Frolics and flows the stream-mid farm, dale and dell-
In Succulent feeding the flourishing tree for ages past.
Coarsened rough arms spread to heaven in rapturous swell,
Beseeching shade for the earth so hotly parched. 

A haven of rest for chirpy tweeting birds at nest.
With soprano ed orchestrations at its best 
In watchful eye of doting parents each in attendance-
With a vigilance wrapped in tender attention. 

Its hungry mouth deeply pressed on earth to suck-
Food and water from Mother Nature’s muck.
Gives and receives breath to self and humanity
In a constant flow and in ceaseless osmotic activity.  

Soaked-drenched at times-with pouring rain in heavy beat
Braves the scorching sun-spewing its needling heat.
Clutched by the cool streams-shaded by clouds that float and fleet-
In a cascade of nature’s solidarity-thus evolving in maturity. 

A feast for the eager inspired eye to portray.
A place of rest to the passersby on its weary stride
Creators Genius in His Genesis Foretaste
Revere Ye Man! The tree for sustenance beauty and pride. 

Midst humble and silent service this gentle giant bestows
Comes the cruel poacher-fells the edifice in one choppy blow
Swiftly ending a life that spawned its beauty a thousand years or more
Is it no sin to prevent our progeny to behold such beauty in pride and glow? 

That nature succors each other in solidarity-will not the greedy humans see-
How with care must he share and sustain nature in his short  mortality
With no cruelty to vandalize The Tree so Beautifully Divined-
That lives and let live in peace-we have thus opined.

Oscar E V Fernando

July 2020


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