Sri Lanka Tourism goes global on Nile TV to woo the Mediterranean traveler



Sri Lanka Tourism, as one of its initiatives to promote the island destination on social media and virtual platforms shared engaging content of its many attractions and resources turning the pandemic to an opportunity.

As result of this effort, Sri Lanka Tourism was able to participate on a destination promotional programme on Nile TV international, with the continuous effort and guidance of the Sri Lanka embassy in Cairo, Egypt, to make this become a successful reality. The purpose of this collaboration was to encourage Mediterranean travelers to engage with ‘’brand ‘’ Sri Lanka virtually , and have a positive experience that would keep Sri Lanka as their ‘’must travel’’ destination once its borders are open for visitors. The programme included an exclusive interview which was hosted by Taghreed Hussein, in which Ms. Kimarli Fernando; chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism participated as the special guest on the November 9, 2020.

Taghreed Hussein is the President of Nile TV International in Egypt, which is a leading media channel both in Egypt and worldwide established in 1994. Nile TV, which is located in Cairo,Egypt, is a global network which gives international coverage and broadcast its services in Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the US. It is a public channel of an informative nature, presenting a diversity of programmes in the fields of Politics, economics, culture, tourism, and Sports etc.

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