Rock of Ages – by Oscar E V Fernando



Oscar Fernando

Opinions-opinions-dull the world with no opinions-to ponder-opinion defined as a view held as probable-said John

Jack said-the world is muddled up with opinions- making it more and more complicated and baffling

both agreed-physical and spiritual sides of man need a two tracked control-giving Cesar his dues and God His

and for this many an empire with wealth-power-pelf and glory-stalked the earth but a wee while in the span of a double millennia-John said

What and where lies the tower and power for peace-asked Jack

you are knocking on a door where angels fear to tread-the chosen venture and fools rush in-said John-and made bold to skim the surface of this illusive-and evasive thought

suffer your ear and mind to be in the childlike mode- listening humbly to the story of the babe in a stable birth-ending in glory

old testament foretold the messiah to come-the new spelled affirmations of His divinity-to be read intent-listening to the still small voice within with faith and logic both bending to each-as the twain rarely meet-awaiting logical faith that dawned on Augustine the great

ponder on these passages two of scripture both old and new;

Moses in encountering God in the burning bush-begged to know His name and was told-

I Am who I AM: Tell them that-I AM has sent you

Jews when questioning Jesus to verify his divinity affirmed-

before Abraham Was-I AM

does it not tickle your brain for an inkling to His divinity asked John from Jack

but said John-some are bound to assert-why single out a phrase or two whilst in the same breadth say-not a word must change from that in print-and so have conclude Jesus is just a man-and a man so good

it is this same Jesus who gathered together the band of apostles twelve in number and it is on this band of good people that the Holy Spirit descended-whilst in a room with His Mother-electrifying their spirit in a manner indelible-to plough on and never look back-and to carry on that electricity beneath the thick cover-others spotting signs of corruption and dirt over a millennia-but-

yet has survived and also will-to the end-as the current of power moves within-and again with no end

it is these same apostles who with their naked eyes witnessed the breaking of bread before he died and behold after his death too-with Jesus in Glory

it is these same apostles who witnessed with the same naked eyes- his crucifixion-his resurrection-his ascension and felt him living among them-after His resurrection both then and now

any wonder why they were so frenzied with faith and awe to go out and preach his word as admonished by him with nary a scrap of the print word as their guide-and long before the word was in print

John told Jack to see the bold words and deeds acclaimed and performed by the apostles with their acts and letters to their flocks-in many parts of the then known world-when they crisscrossed stormy seas to preach the word of mouth and that alone

now the baton of the relay-taken over by the Holy Sea-crisscrossing the world in jets in speed

why and how did the descendants of these anointed ones give way to spots of debauchery at some stages in the millennia-commented Jack

John could only opine;

it was the burst of wealth and power following the industrial revolution in mid ages-infecting society and also the anointed body-consisting of fallen human beings and not angels then nor now-and that satan is closest where holiness is mostest-as in the desert fast of Jesus

of all empires-the one instituted by Christ-with one hierarchy of man-still moves on and on in the caravan midst protests of various hues and forms-each interpreting the printed word and forming authorities all its own

Will all those protesting be doomed to the netherworld-as they themselves have concocted

not so opined John the Just God will save all-but

pathos of the tale being that with each interpretation of the word the original teaching for which Christ died is diluted-thus gradually blunting the communal soul on subjects much needed to control a chaotic world-such as-

banning use of word God in schools-ending with gunfire in class rooms and abortion killings by blunted souls

John told Jack-he only articulated his opinion-may be a billionth of an opinion in a world full of opinions-and for him to ponder a while in his heart and not much in mind!

Oscar E V Fernando
October 2020


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