Plants animals and peoples – By Oscar E V Fernando


Oscar Fernando

Jack always the curious asked John-how and why should we humans interact with plants and animals-are these not there for consumption admiration and for game hunting pleasures alone

No said John-all is of one creation-having the environment-our common home-as good Pope Francis says-and the study of this home is called ecology

ecology! screamed Jack-does it bring bread to the table

man does not live by bread and bread alone-there are those other values to live by-social-cultural and spiritual-need for which we have faced many a time in life-and ignoring which has brought this enormous

environmental crises-such as tsunamis-floods-earthquakes-forest fires-pandemics and the likes-no end

what can the matter be and what oh what shall we do to avoid such catastrophes-asked Jack

stop enraging the waters the earth air and forests by reducing use of fossil fuel that cater to the excessive greed of humans for that luxury life style-thus destroying the planets capital to be conserved for use of both present and future generations-and for other earth creatures-what else asked Jack eager to know more

change the present selfish culture and think of the less fortunate instead of only ‘me-my wife-my John and his wife-with a chuckle Jack pleaded with John to continue-and John said-

all recent calamities must make humans sit up to think of the old adage to-love the creator-the neighbor as thyself-and to accept that all beings are not only the problem-but also the solution-to cooperate with the creator in his original creation-and make this planet the home of all beings-plants-animals and peoples-not just you and you alone-what more asked Jack-

least of all-listen and see the wonder of nature in Sri Lanka alone-animated and orchestrated-in the accompanying music-so daunting and melodious to the ere and so beholding to the eye-saver this and truth will dawn.

Oscar E V Fernando

October 2020


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