Oxymoron ? – By Des Kelly


Oxymoron ? – By Des Kelly Image Source: ReviewHippie  English is a strange, but sometimes a very humorous language as well.  We are all well aware that there are many morons around these days. Of course, without Oxygen, any morons would not exist, so this is why the wordsmiths have decided to bring in this strange word that I have never heard of, until now.  As all of you out there, read these oxymorons, you will understand why I also think of them as seriously funny. Desmond Kelly. (Editor-in- Chief)  eLanka. Oxymoron ? *An Oxymoron is defined as a phrase in which two words of opposite meanings are brought together….Here are some funny oxymorons :* *1) Found Missing* *2) Open Secret* *3) Small Crowd* *4) Act Naturally* *5) Clearly Misunderstood* *6) Fully Empty* *7) Pretty Ugly* *8) Seriously Funny* *9) Only Choice* *10) Original Copies* *11) Exact Estimate* *12) Tragic Comedy* *13) Foolish Wisdom* *14) Liquid Gas* The  most  recent  Oxymoron is-* *15) “Social distancing*

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