“Our World is such a small place” – By Des Kelly



Lyrics & Music:- Clarence Wijewardena

“Cover Version”-  Lohan Samaratunga  

How many times have we heard this phrase ?. This is a very special Sri Lankan song, composed by the late, great Clarence Wijewardena to portray the loving relationship between Father & Son, and now, many years later, what I think is a beautiful “cover” version of this song,done by Lohan Samaratunga, for his Dad, Kirthi, is a video that I felt would be appreciated by all our eLanka members & readers around the World.

What was even more surprising to me, is that Kirthi Samaratunga is the Son of a certain Lieut.Comdr. Samaratunga of the Royal Ceylon Navy during the 1950 era, that I served under, so now, here am I, nearly 60 years later listening to his grandson singing on you-tube. I repeat, it is a small World, isn’t it ?. 

     The present Samaratunga family are still resident in Sri Lanka & I was happy to link up with Kirthi on Facebook, but after I saw the video I am introducing right now, I felt that this performance deserved all the publicity that it could get. The Samaratungas are a Godfearing united family that I feel privileged to know, and after our good viewers see this video, I feel sure that they would agree with me.

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Now, please enjoy the video we have for you.

Desmond Kelly

          Desmond Kelly.
 (Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.     


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