Living in the Present – by Oscar E V Fernando



Oscar Fernando

Rhythm! a boring repetition-a quirk of creation to be bourn as a burden from womb to tomb-or an eternal melody rendered to thwart a humdrum existence?
a matter to sit and ponder-the sun rising and setting day in day out and why so the moon too
a bore for some-not for those that dream dare and die-nothing ventured nothing gained and those accepting gloom will lament and lament alone till the day of doom to froth and fume-like all others who may ask-why this and not that-the stubborn rhythm will last forever and for ever
let’s behold the beauty and glory of each passing day with no weighing thought of the past-nor imaging a wishful dream of a bloated future-a future that only awaits a concrete plan with lessons learned and positively thought-laid out for its disposal to last

Can we ever live and vibrate in both past or future-no-we can only live and deliberate on the present-whether we like it or not-so let us span the abundant beauty of the present in a delightful scan 

the snake slithers out of its skin in regular style to bounce back and swipe again-so must we come out from the old mindset with each rising sun in glory pomp and industry to strike with renewed might-to live love and serve those that wallow in plight-to bring them back to their verve and might

Do we get into the same river twice-to feel the cold or warmth of a paddle-the river we paddled is gone in its search of eternity-your next paddle will be all anew with the river flowing in its own good time and freshness-how tingling it feels to paddle new waters-not getting stuck in a pool of stagnant mud-questioning the why and wherefore of the routine and rhythm they say is so-so boring?

try ‘paddling waters’ of the past present and future-an idea so weird-you end in exhaustion vary and unbalanced in both mind and body-soon to reach the shrink in vexation-so needy

Christ admonished us to ask for today’s bread-with no complaint on yesterday’s bread so stale- nor have anxiety for tomorrow’s bread-yet unbaked

the captain of the ship, says Dale Carnegie-closes with a clanging sound iron doors of each compartment on a sink alarm-to secure each to be water tight-so must we-he says-live in day tight compartments taking each rhythmic day one at a time-yes to live and grow-one day at a time as the song would go-nay-even to live a moment at a time-as as the Lord said-repent for our salvation is at hand-not in the next moment yet a blank

Poet Kalidasa says-look to this day-for it is, the very life of life-in its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence-the bliss of growth-the glory of action-the splendor of achievement-for yesterday is but a dream-tomorrow only a vision-today well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness-every tomorrow a vision of hope.

So must we live the present in day tight compartments to view and savor the bounties that the new day brings-with no intrusions from the past forever gone-nor to the future-yet unborn

Roman poet Horace says-Carpe Diem or Seize the Day-to enjoy while we can-looking forward in ecstasy to the day that the Lord has made.

Oscar E V Fernando

September 2020


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