Eternal River-Flowing-Flowing and Flowing Along – by Oscar E V Fernando


Eternal River-Flowing-Flowing and Flowing Along – by Oscar E V Fernando



Oscar Fernando

My Spirit waits in stillness-cells slither along-observing life with wisdom and prudence-searching-searching for the end eternal

on and on mid dell and dale I slide-move and crawl-no harm to any unless provoked to stall-then again I move along with no time in waste to win and bawl

I see and collect human drama both cruel and joy

humming and drumming I slip away-in self-esteem-washing-polishing stones to shimmer for those who make it a price for their supper

the fish fauna and the flora within-I feed cloth and shelter as humans should-at times this balance inhibited by human folly sometime somewhere in wanton violence-and arrogance

find my way in peace to all-when on sudden my silvery crystal face- distorted by toxin waste drained on me by greed and industry’s pelf-stop I don’t-bearing up the Muck-I move along and silt it on my bottom

giving joy to animals and trees on either sides-succulent with leaves so fresh and green-to animals that quench their thirst rollickingly at my breast-stretching their tender spleen-nutrients flowing from my waters rich-makes them grow in strength and brawn-they dance in fest

dramas human’ at times with heads so belligerent with a liquid white-with no further point to win one sheds the others blood and toss the remnants in my bosom base leaving a trail of blood so red distorting my face

not just gruesome Scenes-I see a lad and lass at my water’s edge with no care on earth but themselves-at best-behold one day the lass comes a walking-walking and dragging feet to my bosom and nose Dive-I then see bubbles; what made her do it-only the lad-the lass and their maker would know-but I know not-as like humans I do not pry to know the unknown in them and if no one cares the fish will have a repast and that’s the end of their crooning at my waters’ bend

how cruel humans are-will they ever learn from natures accommodating ways and live in tolerance and understanding- searching no points to win-thus ending with wars and woes forever thirsting

the saddest so far were when I bore heavy loads with so called blacks and whites with cruelty unleashed-whips to lash and then my tears mingle with my own waters to see humanity at its worst-yes its worst

I flow along knowing retribution will follow one day-if not compensated-but when will it ever be Better-

I still see-

some lives yet do not Matter-and I-I keep rolling-rolling-and rolling along.

Oscar E V Fernando-August 2020


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