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Seeking to contact Dr Dayal Abayesekera’s young widowHemani, from 1994-5 time ?  I know she completed her studies (MA or PhD? in Qld) and returned home.  Her dad used to be a well-known writer of hist articles to the papers (may be books and mags too) on history, archeol… etc called C M Austin de Silva


I used to see his writings in the Sinhala Sunday papers which for some years my parents used to send me to Melb so I could cull material for my Sinhala broadcast under Vernon  



Search as I might via the Net, and from people etc,  I can’t see her name anywhere.  Hearsay had it that she was teaching at Peradeniya Uni.  I have mentioned her to some Peradeni Dons – all to no avail. 




Kindly email either eLanka (infor@eLanka.com.au ) or Victor Melder (melder.rjvm1935@bigpond.com ) if anyone has any information.


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