eLanka UK | Mysteries of Hennangela & Rambakan Oya – By Stefan D’silva


Hennanegala & Rambakan Oya

(Top): Picturesque Rambakan Oya (reservoir) opened in 2013. (Above): The immense, ancient, Rambakan ‘hydraulic’ archaeological site. The longest and largest sluice canal in Sri Lanka. 115m long with two channels, it is apparently a stalled construction intended to service the old reservoir at the end. The old reservoir bund is still standing. The specific era/dates remains a mystery and why work stopped on the reservoir and the canal is also a mystery. The massive stone work is amazing.

Elephant on top of Hennanegala rock. A small family of elephants are resident on the top

Elephants in good ‘elephant country’. Maduru Oya NP

Peregrine Falcon chick waits on his parent for a feed. High on the Hennanegala Rock face


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