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King Asoka's Veterinary Hospital - by Noel Nadesan

Siva Sundram Pillai is a young veterinarian who has migrated to Melbourne Australia to start a new life. After several years of studying and drifting from job to job he finally secures a position in one of the prominent Veterinary hospitals in Melbourne. As he settles into his new position and starts to lay down roots in his new home, he is also drawn, unwittingly, and inevitably, into the politics of his workplace where power-play and intrigue are part of the day-to-day life. How will the young rookie doctor handle the challenges of workplace sniping, back-biting, racial victimization, and the guile of his workmates?

Written in a simple yet engaging style, the book is an entertaining and fascinating look at the struggles of a young migrant finding his way in his new country. It also opens a window to a profession that few, if any, Sri Lankan authors have dealt with in fiction. It creates a world of colourful characters from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, including a ubiquitous, cheeky, and loveable cat called Collingwood.

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