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George Strait & Alan Jackson – Amarillo By Morning The Cowboy Rides Away Live from AT &T Stadium

          Two great Country Vocalists of around the 1980s, George Strait (the older of the two), first came to my attention with his 1st big hit, “I wanna dance with you”, a song that I loved and even did a “cover” version of. George undoubtedly held his ground among many former Icons like Merle Haggard and yet another George (Jones), and Alan Jackson, the younger, then hit the showbiz Scene with a big bang. He is a fine Country Act, with a huge following, but why do I refer to this duo as “Country-Cops”??.

          Well, in addition to Amarillo By Morning, & The Cowboy Rides Away, these two Country Cops actually got together on-stage to sing a duet regarding this strange “Someone, who killed Country Music”, even voicing the fact that, if caught, this swine should be hung. It’s a great song, referring to a likely slump in Country Music in America.

What I would like to inform them, with respect, is that “Country Music”, George & Alan, will NEVER DIE, especially if you guys keep bringing out these songs that are loved

by Millions of people around the World.         

Desmond KellyDesmond Kelly.
(Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.          


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