eLanka UK |  A Redemption Narrative ft. Max Jeganathan



On International Day of Peace today, we celebrate the life of RZIM Asia-Pacific Regional Director Max Jeganathan. Max was once a refugee – he became a lawyer and served in the Australian government before taking on the role of an evangelist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. In this short film, we follow him back to Sri Lanka, where Max reflects on the racial riots and the experience of fleeing the place he once called home and seeking refugee status in Australia. The miraculous hand and provision of God shines through this narrative, as we see the fingerprints of God imprinted throughout this powerful redemptive narrative. Max remarks, “I used to think that it was about good fighting evil out there but what the Lord showed me as I went through this journey is that that fight between good and evil is real but it is inside every human heart; it is not an us versus them thing. We are all just people who are broken and who need the saving and transforming love of Jesus Christ that can only be delivered through His cross and through His forgiveness.”


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