eLanka | “STORMS NEVER LAST” – By Des Kelly

 Once in a way, a song grabs my attention to the extent that I feel I just have to share it with all of our eLanka  members, around the World. Many will have already heard this beautiful Country song, written by an equally beautiful songstress, songwriter, and pianist, Jessie Colter, dedicated to her famous Country Icon husband Waylon Jennings, God rest his soul. 

          I consider myself a Country Music fanatic, and have seen this great couple Jessie & Waylon sing this song on stage, together, with this Country “Outlaw” Waylon publicly showing his love for his beautiful wife, even as they sang.  I loved their version of the song


        Then, out of the blue, so to speak,

I suddenly watched another version of Storms Never Last, this time, by an Irish Father/Daughter combination, Jimmy & Claudia Buckley, that, as I commented, was one of the best versions of the song, second only to the Jessie/Waylon “live” version of one of their top “hits” together.  


          Country Music, or the Music of Life, as I call it, is not necessarily from America only, although, without a shadow of a doubt, the Country backing bands happen to be the very best, in my opinion, of course. 

Here, we now have Jimmy Buckley, a famous Irish Country Singer and his beautiful daughter Claudia, who, incidentally recorded another Irish Country hit, at the age of fifteen. 

Both this father & daughter now sing a version of Jessie Colter’s song, with such finesse, anyone who hears it for the first time, WILL want to listen to it again. If you love this Music of Life as I do, you will want to listen to it, as often as you can. I am proud and privileged to present the song to everyone out there.To all you lasses & wannabe Stars, just listen to Claudia and her special interpretation of the song.

Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief)  eLanka.      

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