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Ms. Arundathie Abeysinghe

Overlooking a breathtaking gap in the Central Highlands… A scenic drop of 915 meters to the southern plains and the sea… A cleft in green hills popular among locals and foreigners for its amazing views… Misty weather and intense clouds enhance the gorgeous landscape hiding the view from the other end of the Central Highlands…

Breathtaking Ella Gap popular as a “piece of heaven on Earth” is a space between the mountains situated in Ella, the beautiful hamlet of *Uva Province. With panoramic views of the Central Highlands, this breathtaking gap in the southern mountain wall renders a telescopic view of the Great Plains as far as the eye can see.

According to foreign tourists, the heaven is conjured by the mesmerizing vistas of the marvelous panorama of Ella Gap.

Considered as the best sweeping views of Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands, Ella Gap is a breathtaking endless valley of verdant vistas of rolling carpets of green tea, gorgeous hill country scenery with lowland jungles as well as rainforests and crystal clear cascading waterfalls.

Spectacular Ella Gap with awe-inspiring vistas of environs By Arundathie Abeysinghe

Spectacular Ella Gap with awe-inspiring vistas of environs

The most breathtaking views of Ella Gap come into the scene at sunrise rendering a cinematic view with orange and crimson hues coupled with nice background music of birds chirping in the distance on their journey to far-away destinations in search of food.  During sunset the views of the gap are more amazing with the skies gradually lighting up with the sound of birds returning to their resting places with songs of joy and the distant views of sunset peeking through the surrounding mountains. The skyline during sunset is tainted with a mixture of pink, crimson and orange shades with the gradual mixture of dark blue shade of the night sky encroaching and dimming the light of the sun when bidding adieu through the mountains.

Views through Ella Gap are spectacular and if the weather is fine, subtle glow of the lighthouse of the Great Basses off the southern coast can also be seen far away.

There are many hotels in Ella with spectacular views of Ella Gap. Some hotels in Ella have constructed swimming pools with sweeping views of Ella Gap for tourists to enjoy their swim while admiring the glory of sunrise and sunset views. Many local and foreign tourists visit and stay in Ella to bask in the glory of mesmerizing classic post card views of Ella Gap while enjoying a cup of aromatic *Uva Tea.

For tourists seeking an adventurous holiday in Ella, the trek to Ella Gap through the canyon is amazing with breathtaking verdant vistas and views of endemic fauna and flora with some species native to the area.  

  • Uva Province – This is the fourth largest province in Sri Lanka bordered by Central, Eastern and Southern provinces.
  • Uva Tea – Internationally acclaimed exotically aromatic Uva Tea is a copper colored infusion. As Uva is situated on the eastern slopes of the central mountains of Sri Lanka, tea plantations of Uva are exposed to the winds of northeast as well as southwest monsoons believed to provide tea produced in the Uva region with a unique aromatic taste and smooth flavor.

Spectacular Ella Gap with awe-inspiring vistas of environs




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