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Anne de Costa

I was born in Kalutara, Sri Lanka to a beautiful and loving family. My father Benjamin Martin Buultjens and my mother Pamela Dornhorst Ashbourne christened me Anne Christine Buultjens. I am a proud direct descendant of A E Buultjens, a past Principal of Ananda College, the  controversial free thinker and the great Frederick Dornhorst KC a Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) barrister and King’s Advocate.  I was raised a Roman Catholic. I loved going to church and lighting candles. I sang in all the School choirs. I loved religion as a subject and often won prizes for the most outstanding student in Religious Knowledge. As a child I always looked up at the skies with great reverence because I knew that God lived there.   From a young age I had a mystical mind and could see God everywhere; I could feel   the wind in my hair and the grass beneath my feet. I marvelled at the mystical energy of the Universe and wondered why others were blind to these wonders. I was searching deeply for the meaning of life. This was my eternal quest.

My early years in Sri Lanka were very colourful and exciting.

My Dad (who is in heaven) worked for the Ceylon Government Railway and we had the privilege of travelling throughout Sri Lanka spending our holidays in the jungles.   Swimming in the big rivers, eating wild boar, venison and jungle fowl with Dad’s railway workers and trackers was our life style.  Hopping in and out of trains was a major excitement for me.

I was educated at Good Shepherd Convent Kandy.  So proud and so blessed!  An era of strict discipline, early morning mass each day for the boarders,  nuns and priests, retreats and choir competitions. I look back on those  years,  my heart and mind filled with  great pride, exciting stories,  affection and gratitude to GSC for opening my mind to different cultures and people.

When I was in my teens I modelled for Orientations a successful fashion boutique owned by fashion icon Kem Martenstyn. A legend in her time.

Kem and her daughter Maeve produced  the most spectacular  fashion shows in their time.

       I was an Elocution Teacher at the Wendy Whatmore School of Speech and Drama.

Mrs Whatmore  who founded the Wendy Whatmore Academy in 1940 at the young age of twenty two, was an author, poet, and outstanding teacher. She was also a friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one. The multiple presentations of reciting poetry and acting in front of the class at 13th Lane Colpetty has endowed me with confidence and skills to use my voice for public speaking and chanting my sacred mantras.

I taught Elocution at Ladies College, Visakha Vidyalaya and the many centres.

 As a  stage actress I enjoyed life on the stage for many years. The Lionel Wendt Theatre lives on forever in my heart.

 The Boy Friend, The Importance of Being Earnest, My Fair Lady, One wild oat,  Private lives, and The Matchmaker in 1977…..

 These wonderful memories are forever etched in my mind.

I  moved to Melbourne Australia in 1981 and worked in the fashion industry as a fashion consultant. I worked at Daimaru and David Jones selling International  and Australian designer labels. I enjoyed my exciting fashion career and I enjoyed selling.

In 1989 I married Rex de Costa and a few years later God opened the windows of Heaven and my daughter Anoushka was born. Truly God’s greatest gift to me.

However my life continued to be  a deep struggle. I could not put a value on myself and  I was living a life of quiet desperation. My old belief system held me prisoner and I was crying in the wilderness for many years questioning my very existence.  My struggle  in fact  was a blessing. I was forced to look inside myself for answers. This very struggle gave me an opportunity to develop myself.

I studied Mysticism at The Theosophical Society for many years.  I began to study the great works of inspirational people. I attended powerful seminars which ignited my thirst for knowledge and made me look further within. From the year 2005 onwards I graduated from the following:

 Tapping the Healer Within

Landmark Forum

Neuro Linguistic Programming

You Were Born Rich

The programme ‘You Were Born Rich’ by Bob Proctor is a phenomenal education. It had a profound effect on my thinking. It is based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which I believe to be the greatest motivational book ever written. This book gives us the knowledge to change the belief system , and our lives, forever. I simply picked up the challenge.

In 2007 I  started the inner work in earnest.  I flew under the radar and within ten years I transformed my mind from rags to riches… from fashion to passion.

 To Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor

 You challenged me to be brave.

Thank you for teaching me to be fearless in the pursuit

 of all of the opportunities this education holds.

To never apologize for the unique parts of who I am.

Over a period of thirty years I studied the principles of Truth. I jotted notes on my AHA moments, my moments of inspiration and grand epiphanies. I listened to people talking, and I realized, the majority of men and women were unhappy on a daily basis. This deep unhappiness was based on lack and limitation. Feelings that “Life is just ok” and “there’s no money to pay bills” combined with health problems, created a deep sense of despair and helplessness.

The bookstores are filled with numerous books on self- help and motivation. I realized that what people actually needed, was a book in very simple day-to-day language, as to why we are struggling and then steps to bring about the change. I wanted to share my knowledge with others. And so my book was born, The Mystical Explorer Wins. My deepest appreciation goes to  my publisher Sam Perera (Perera-Hussein Publishing House) for the publication of my first book.

My book is not an instant cure, my book is an education, and therefore one has to approach it like a subject in school. One has to read the material presented, study deeply, and  PRACTICE…PRACTICE…PRACTICE. The change is gradual, it’s a slow dawning, and anyone and everyone can achieve this over a period of time. It takes the mind ten years to fully understand and accept new concepts. My book gives everybody a grand opportunity to see the vision, change the  belief system, recognize  your True Place and Calling, and to make your dreams come true.

The Universe has lovingly placed this book in your hands to connect with The Spirit Within, The Spirit of Opulence, to let your spirit soar and create.



Anne de Costa

The Mystical Explorer Wins

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