Dambulani De Zoysa cruising to apex of fame in vocals having launched career late – by Sunil Thenabadu

Dambulani De Zoysa cruising to apex of fame in vocals having launched career late – by Sunil Thenabadu

sunil thenabaduDambulani de Zoysa a native of Balapitiya was born in Dambulla as her father was working in the Irrigation department,Dambulla offered with official quarters. Dambulani believes her name is the only person having an extraordinary name perhaps the only in the planet which her father may have named to remember she was born during the tenure of his career in Dambulla.Dimbulani had been educated  at the Balapitiya Siddhartha Vidyalaya, Karandeniya Madhya Maha Vidyalaya and Rewatha College. 

After her stint in perfecting her education had followed a course in the Technical College , Galle. While her course was in progress she had by sheer quirk got a break at the Irrigation department for the Ginganga project.Within a short period she had got a transfer to the Irrigation department head office housed in Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo 07 at which period she had wisely undergone a hectic course in English stenography. Dambulani had been successful to triumph in a competitive examination by which she was entitled to join another government department as an English Stenographer. Her application to the department of Education was acknowledged as she was fully competent to serve to the additional secretary of the department.After a few years she has had via a mutual transfer joined the department of examinations located at Malay street Colombo 02, where in addition to her secretarial work she was given to shoulder different responsibilities as challenges which she accepted with courage.She has had to work under eight different Commissioner General’s during a long tenure of approximately thirty years.She had been burdened with huge tasks as head of programs, in charge of IT,In charge of results unit, chief of the library department, welfare unit, treasurer of arts forum etc, all of which she handled and shouldered with dedication and enthusiastically. Unfortunately, there were no time for leisure or for artistic and creative stuffs.On the other hand as the department of examinations is considered a very prestigious department Dambulani had earned a huge admiration within and off the department which was indeed a reward for her dedicated services which she still appreciates. 

Though she is now a well known vocalist in the air waves of the SLBC her singing career had commenced after reaching her fiftieth birthday through she had innate talent with no hereditary affiliations.Her singing career proper had begun after the department of examinations was shifted to spacious  building in Battaramulla under the Commissioner General Anura Edirisinghe when he commenced a ‘Bakthi Gee” program for Vesak along with her colleagues Dambulani had sung Buddhist songs usually sung at Bakthie Gee recitals. However, two deputy commissioners talented in creative music work had composed a Buddhist songs, lyrics by Sarath Wickremasuriya and the music melody by WASPK Dias. This  title of this song is “Sil Suwadin” although a group song with the consent of the lyricist and musician and the then Commissioner Dimbulani has ultimately  turned out to be the owner. It is very popular song telecast over the SLRC on every poya day and over the SLBC rather regularly. This is a gigantic personal achievement for Dambulani who possesses a comforting and inspirational singing voice. 

Dambulani after completing her tenure at the Department of Examinations had migrated to USA ,State Virjinia with her husband Baptist Fernando who has found a lucrative employment with his qualifications .The duo had been visiting native Sri Lanka yearly but the current Covid-19 epidemic they had been prohibited in visiting motherland which was purely to pursue her musical career which had blossomed after her career at the department of education after she had reached fifty years. 

Dambulani has recorded seven songs approved by the SLBC, predominantly solos one duet with Edward Jayakody which he himself had composed music to the lyrics of  renowned Ajantha Ranasinghe.Along with this song she had sung seven songs including the Buddhist song depicted above also includes a patriotic song sung, lyrics of which were by Yamuna Malini Perera.Other songs with diverse topics based on love, environment and patriotic songs.The Song on the environment is titled “Nil Ahas yata Haritha nimnaya” to the music composition of Nalaka Anjana Kumara .For her other songs apart from famous lyricists many reputed musicians had contributed the musical scores such as Priyantha Nawalage,Nawaratne Gamage ,Melroy Dharmaratne, Lakshman Hilmy, Dharshana Wickramtunga who are all reputed award winning musicians. 

Dambulani is now a sexagenarian in mid sixties has immense music talent within her.She receives an abundant of accolades for her songs via the Face Book where so many comment when her songs are uploaded. She had very reluctantly confessed that some address her as “GEETHA KOKILAVI” having a very sensitive and gentle voice similar to young vocalists.Some have gestured and nodded why did you not sing in her early life for which she had uttered that owing to responsibilities shouldered during her tenure at the department of examinations with compulsory work on week ends too,the opportunities were totally deprived. Dambulani has become a sought-after vocalist at concerts and other functions where she had impressed all audiences keeping them spellbound with pin drop silence. There are more songs pending approval of the authorities at the SLBC which she intends to sort out once she gets the opportunity to visit native Sri Lanka. 

In the context of the above it would be the fervent hope of all her fans and followers to record more songs as her voice sounds that of a youth as affirmed by many.Also all would wish her good health and longevity. 

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