Christmas Joy – by Oscar E V Fernando

Oscar Fernando

What is Christmas asked Jack from John-why does it make people happy-joyfully enthusiastic-with silver bells and stars in a Christmas tree-making it so much a mystique

enthusiasm is-God within-so defined in the dictionary-said John and Jack continued to say that only turkey and wine could induce this happiness and enthusiasm in Christmas-John said-it is so for those not aware or made to believe that Jesus is no God

why do you say Jesus is God asked Jack

read the bible both old and new with the mind’s eye open-follow teachings of the ‘Jesus instituted church’-to know Jesus is God-while some others woefully attempt to deny this and insist, he is only man-but more of that later-just for now-why this Joy at Christmas-said John

Yes-we sniff this enthusiasm at Christmas-may be a day fixed so appropriate to celebrate-so what-some do gorge themselves with fancy clothes and goodies to eat and meet-try their inebriated best to find that joy-they sing and swing their hands-tap their feet-all for good-only if they do think of others-but do they experience that joy-with no such thought-no-perhaps-a carnal pleasure for a while to wallow in that so called happiness and love of self-

it dawns on some others to love neighbor as self-look around-for those others much less fortunate-what do they see-but bodies naked-eyes red-noses wet-hungered mouths-waiting-waiting for that crunch of bread first for the hungry worms and then for their turn

can we ever feel joy on seeing all the wailing and suffering outside-and say with a sadistic pleasure of a Mary Antoinette looking down from the balcony-shouting with sarcasm to throw down a piece of cake to meet their blooming hunger

or like scrooge in Dickensian Christmas-having a tableful of turkey and wine to gorge and satisfy his melancholic depression-looks out his window-sees the sad and hungry bellies-invites them to share his bountiful table-

and be transformed into that happy-joyful and enthusiastic scrooge-leaping for Joy from then on-realizing-we must love neighbor as self

Yes friends-this COVID-Christmas-let us turn scrooge to the less fortunate to find Christmas Joy and Peace and leap for joy.

Oscar E V Fernando

Christmas 2020

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