“ANIMAL ANTICS” – by Des Kelly


  As a confirmed animal-lover, and proud of it, I felt that this rather unusual story, sent in by a friend, well deserved the publicity that eLanka could offer to thousands of other like-minded people.

          Normally, when we think of animals exhibiting human emotions, dogs come immediately to mind. They are truly amazing animals. Cats are equally favoured as pets, but, on the whole, are much more aloof and stand-offish unless their owners are physically petting them. Then, they will look at you with their beautiful eyes and purr loudly, as though asking for more of the same treatment, but talking about strange bed-fellows, thank you Elliston, for this most unusual story, and the pictures that go with it.

Desmond Kelly

 Desmond Kelly.
  (Editor-in-Chief) eLanka.  

The owner of the cow used to hear dogs barking at night so he put up one CCTV camera.  Now he saw this unbelievable incident, a Leopard comes at night to meet the cow which makes him welcome.  The owner asked the previous owner of the Cow and heard that the Leopard’s mother died when he was just 20 days old and somehow the cow allowed him to have her milk.  Since then the Leopard thinks that the cow is his mother.  He visits each night to see her.  Cow is a natural mother


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