$5.5 million Christchurch Lotto-winning couple celebrate with cheese on toast


Three lucky Powerball players from Christchurch have scored big in the past six weeks. Photo / File

Three lucky Powerball players in Christchurch have scored big in the past six weeks, taking home a total of $21.5 million between them.

The city’s most recent winners scooped a cool $5.5 million in last Saturday’s draw and were “absolutely dumbfounded” when they realised they were the big winners.

The couple, who want to remain anonymous, have been playing on MyLotto since the level 4 lockdown and bought a dip ticket for Saturday’s draw.

“We decided we’d stick with MyLotto even after the lockdown,” the winner said.

The couple always check their tickets with breakfast on a Sunday morning, and this Sunday was no different.

“My husband handed me the iPad and asked me to check the results while he made us breakfast.

“Before we check them, he always says: ‘I’ve got a good feeling this week, I definitely think we’ve won’,” laughed the woman.

The woman logged into her MyLotto account and watched the animated draw, which revealed she was a winner. But the winning line was quite far down the ticket so at that point she didn’t know what the prize was.

“I called my husband back through so I could replay the draw for him and that’s when we saw it – $5,500,000 at the top of our ticket. We were absolutely dumbfounded.”

The couple eventually sat down to their cheese on toast and began to chat about what this meant for them and what they’d like to do with their windfall.

“After breakfast, we went for a little walk and it was so strange looking at other people thinking they had no idea we had just become multi-millionaires,” the woman said.

That afternoon, the couple went out to watch the rugby and had a couple of drinks to celebrate their win.

With the money now safely in their bank account they are looking forward to setting themselves up for the future.

Another lucky couple scored themselves $5.5 million with Powerball in the draw on Wednesday, September 16, while just two weeks before that a Christchurch man won a life-changing $10.5 million on Wednesday, September 2.

The man planned to celebrate his win with a “cook-up” with his family, and is looking forward to buying his dream car – a Lamborghini.


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